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  • Getting XP updates


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    POSReady 2009 is based on the Windows XP kernel and get updates until 2019. I want to know, if i can apply that on normal XP, but i get a error of version mismatch.

    So i looking in the update.inf/update_SP3QFE.inf and it checks only some registry entries:


    1. [Prerequisite]
    2. condition=CompositeOp,OrOp,Prereq.XPInstallEmbedded.Section
    3. [Prereq.XPInstallEmbedded.Section]
    4. OrOp=Prereq.XPInstallEmbedded1.Section
    5. OrOp=Prereq.XPInstallEmbedded2.Section
    6. Display_String="%A6Blocked%"
    7. [Prereq.XPInstallEmbedded1.Section]
    8. EqualOp=CheckReg,HKLM,"System\CurrentControlSet\Control\WindowsEmbedded\ProductVersion",FeaturePackVersion,0x00000000,==,"SP3"
    9. EqualOp=CheckReg,HKLM,"SYSTEM\WPA\WEPOS",Installed,0x10001,==,1
    10. Display_String="%A6Blocked%"
    11. [Prereq.XPInstallEmbedded2.Section]
    12. EqualOp=CheckReg,HKLM,"System\WPA\WES",Installed,0x10001,==,1
    13. EqualOp=CheckReg,HKLM,"SYSTEM\WPA\POSReady",Installed,0x10001,==,1
    14. Display_String="%A6Blocked%"
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    The solution is simple. Create a text file with this content::


    1. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    3. "Installed"=dword:00000001

    Save as .reg file and doubleclick to import it.

    POSReady2009 Updates will now install on a normal XP and Windows Updates shows also the updates for POSReady2009

    ATTENTION: Use it you own risk! These updates are not tested on a regular XP system and could damage your system

    Instead PosReady you can also use WEPOS or WES. A reboot is not required.

    XP x64 is based Windows Server 2003, but new Server2003 updates will not install on XP x64.

    But i found a workaround by applying a modify update.inf. Since update.exe will check the integry of update.inf, you need to swap the files directly:

    1. First you need to download manually the update from and then execute with the switch /x to unpack it (ex. C:\xpupdate).
    2. Create update.cmd:


    1. c:
    2. cd "C:\xpupdate\update"
    3. echo Replace update.inf with
    4. copy update_SP2QFE.inf org_update_SP2QFE.inf /y
    5. copy new_update_SP2QFE.inf update_SP2QFE.inf /y
    6. echo Apply Update
    7. start update.exe /passive /norestart /log:c:\xpupdate\install.log
    8. ping -n 1 -w 5>nul
    9. copy org_update_SP2QFE.inf update_SP2QFE.inf /y

    3. Copy update_SP2QFE.inf to new_update_SP2QFE.inf (in folder c:\xpupdate\update)
    4. On new_update_SP2QFE.inf you need to delete this.


    1. Condition=AndOp,Prereq.XPAMDInstallBlock.Section

    and the end (end of line):


    1. [Prereq.XPAMDInstallBlock.Section]
    2. PresentOp=CheckReg,HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ProductOptions",ProductType,0x00000000
    3. NotEqualOp=CheckReg,HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ProductOptions",ProductType,0x00000000,!=,"WinNT"
    4. Display_String="%WrongProductMessage%"

    5. Execute update.cmd

    You can view install.log to show, if the installation is successfull. A reboot is required.
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