Miranda IM Sebijk Edition Version 1.5 Pre-Beta 1 now available

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    This is our first message written in English :)

    We wrote in the last message (german only), that Miranda IM Sebijk Edition Version 1.1 will the last version, that will based on Miranda IM . A final version of Version 1.1 is coming :).

    Miranda IM Sebijk Edition Version 1.5 will based now on Miranda NG, that started in the last year. Since many developers leave the Miranda IM Project, i think there will no new features except bug fixes.

    The most important difference compared to Miranda IM:

    • No more ANSI Version, removed useless code
    • Skype Support without Skype
    • Dynamic load of plugins
    • Some plugins moved to Core (ExtraIcons, Gender, SRMM, Chat, Clist_classic)

    According to the roadmap of future of Miranda NG, other major changes are planned. See Roadmap – Miranda NG.

    ATTENTION: This is still an experimental version. Please report bugs here in the forum. Miranda IM plugins are not compatible with Miranda NG.

    Download: Miranda IM Sebijk Edition 1.5 Pre-Beta 1
    Support: Miranda IM Sebijk Edition - Home of the Sebijk.com