Miranda IM Sebijk Edition 1.1 Gold available

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    Now the stable version of Miranda IM Sebijk Edition Version 1.1 is available.

    Complete Changelog from 1.0.12->1.1.0


    Version 1.1.0

    • Update Miranda IM Core to 0.10.13
    • Updated Plugins: StartupStatus, Variables, Xfire, Tlen, MirandaQQ, Twitter, Fetion, Facebook, AddContact+, KeepStatus, NewXStatusUnicode YM, CrashDumper, YAPP, Mail.ru, Skype, Secured MMAP (+ Database Tool, Auto Database backup and Import), Modern Options, Nudge, Tipper YM, StopSpam Mod, Database Editor++, QuickSearch, UserInfoEx, Spell Checker, MyDetails, MetaContacts, IAX, SmileyAdd, FingerPrint Mod+, Last Seen Plugin, Import TXT, FlashAvatars, Voice Service Unicode, VKontakte
    • Removed: OTR, ICQ+, ICQ S!N, ICQ kiwi0fruit mod, BNET, StatusMsgRN, MyJingle, Versionsinformation (old Plugin), MeBeam, Skype Imo-Proxy (not working anymore)
    • New: MirOTR, GTalkExt, SIP, Omegle, PasteIt, NoHistory
    • Updated Language files: German, Chinese (simpliefied), Polish, Russian, Japanese
    • New Language: Spanish
    • Updated Dictionary: German
    • New Dictionary Languages: English (Britian), Russian
    • You can choose Spam Methods at install: StopSpam (Standard) or Spam-o-tron
    • You can choose secure messaging plugins at install: OTR (Standard) or SecureIM
    • Updated Installation messages
    • Fix crash with MyDetails, which is not compatible to the blind version


    Version 1.1.0 RC 1->1.1.0 Gold:

    • Update Miranda IM Core to 0.10.13
    • Fix crash with MyDetails, which is not compatible to the blind version
    • Removed Skype-IMO.im Plugin (not working anymore)
    • Corrections at MyDetails Plugin
    • Fix Link to Support Forum

    Version 1.1.0 is the last version, which is based on Miranda IM.

    Download: Version 1.1.0 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and 8
    Support: Miranda IM Sebijk Edition - Home of the Sebijk.com