10 years Home of the Sebijk.com + New Miranda IM Sebijk Edition version released

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    How quickly time flies again. Home of the Sebijk.com is now 10 years old, it was online on 24.05.2004 as "Sebijks Homepage" at people.freenet.de/sebijk. The forum was founded at 13.09.2004.

    New version for Miranda IM Sebijk Edition are released: 1.5.0 Beta 2

    Version 1.5.0 have more changes in the core, because this version is based on Miranda NG.

    Miranda IM plugins are not compatible with Miranda NG. Plugin ImportTXT is not available in 64-Bit Version.

    New in Beta 2:

    • Sametime support
    • Steam support]
    • Removed modules: DBX_mmap_SA (not supported anymore)

    ATTENTION: Version 1.5.0 have big changes in the database module. Please decrypt you profiles (if you use the encrypt function) before the upgrade to 1.5.0 Beta 2. You will also need to reenter the passwords, if you store you password in the database profile.

    Download: Miranda IM Sebijk Edition 1.5 Beta 2
    Support: Miranda IM Sebijk Edition - Home of the Sebijk.com (Please report bugs here)