blacklisted at Google Safe Browsing

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    The domain "" and all associated subdomains have been blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing for a few days. Both Firefox and Chrome warn us about visiting our website because we are accused of fraudulent our site.

    This looks in Firefox e.g. like this:

    The reason was an issue what we fixed already before.

    What happened?

    • We have a URL dereferer in the guest book service to remove possible sessions before forwarding to an external website. In short: The service does something like
    • Any URL could be forwarded. This is exactly what was done in this case.
    • We are accused of hosting fraudulent websites, which is simply not true in this case.
    • We therefore deactivated the forwarding service immediately after announcement. If it will activated again, we will present in future a warning page on the external website, so that it is made clear that it is not ours and inform about possible dangers and the user must actively confirm it. I think that was the point.

    We don't collect any personal data (name and address) or credit card information.

    We also not use any tricks to install spy software. We not support these phishing websites in any way . We also not host these pages.

    Such sites have no place with us! Also please don't visit these scam sites.

    Although this problem was solved immediately, but Google saw enough reason to consider our entire domain "" as fraudulent, although only is affected.

    I've already submitted a removal request, let's see how long it will take.

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